TracDyne Training Systems, Inc.

TracDyne Training Systems, Inc. 

can help you become a Security Guard!

 Do you need training to become a security guard?  

Yes, you do and this is the place!

Do you need training for your existing guards or do you want to upgrade your skills?

This is where you can get the training you need!

TracDyne Training Systems will assist its clients with needed training for security guards, including the Manitoba Security Guard Training Program, Safe Handcuffing, Crisis Management for Security Guards, Loss Prevention, WHMIS training

All TracDyne instructors are certified security officers and certified security supervisors and are approved by the Manitoba Department of Justice to provide the mandated Provincial Security Guard Training Program.  

The building in which our office is located is a controlled access location and casual visitors will be denied entry.  You do not need to come to our office to register for training.  Registration or inquiries can be done via our "Apply for Our Training" page email or telephone.