TracDyne Training

Crisis Management for Security Guards (CMSG - 1/2 Day)         

The CMSG program deals with prevention of escalation of confrontation and with protection and well-being of both the threatening or violent person and that of the guard.  

If your guards are likely to come into contact with violence - they need this course!  

Comfortable clothing should be worn.  Successful candidates are awarded a certificate and wallet card.  This certification expires after two (2) years and must be renewed. 

The training covers:

  • use of verbal de-escalation skills,
  • control of violent persons (solo and as a team) and
  • control over and escape from violent persons where excessive or possibly lethal force is being used against the guard.  
This course is unscheduled because of the low demand.  We will run this training normally twice a year.  Next course - probably during the summer of 2017.  We do keep a waiting list and, if you register, we will call you to find out if you are interested in attending.