Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

1. Do I need a licence to work as a security guard?
Yes, you may not work as a security guard without a licence.  If you are found to be working with out a licence you will be fined hundreds of dollars by the Government.

2.  What is the fee for the Security Guard training?
We no longer offer the Manitoba Security Guard Training Program course.

3.  Will I get a receipt for the tuition and is it tax-deductible?
We will give you a receipt for your tuition fee for any training.  Whether it is tax-deductible is between you and the taxman.

4.  Are there other fees or costs involved with the training?
We no longer offer the Manitoba Security Guard Training Program course.

5.  Do I need to pay my tuition fee in advance?
Yes, tuition for any of our training is paid in advance, in cash, credit card or PayPal.  If we have to cancel the course, we will, of course, refund your deposit.

6.  What if I have to cancel my registration?
We make financial commitments based on your registration.  We can no longer allow persons to register and cancel or simply not show up for training.  If you register for our training, we will require payment in advance.  If we have to cancel the course, we will refund your deposit.

7.  Do I need a criminal record check to take your training?

8.  Do I need a child abuse registry check to take your training?

9.  Do you have weekend or evening courses?

Normally, we offer training on Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.  However, depending on demand and availability of our instructors we may carry out training on Saturdays. 

11.  Do you offer the basic security course on dates other than those in your published schedule?

We no longer offer the Manitoba Security Guard Training Program course.

12.  Do I need to bring anything special to the training?

Bring only yourself and a pen.

13. Do you offer other training?

We offer several courses aimed at helping security guards in their work.  Please click on our "Training Offered" link on the left side of our web pages.

18.  Can I come and register at your office?
Because we are often out of the office, you may be unable to find us.  Our building has medium security access and you might not be able to enter if we are absent.  For that reason, we request that you call or email for information and register for our training online.

19.  Where is the training given?
Currently, we are running our training at the Sturgeon Creek United Church, 207 Thompson Drive in Winnipeg (this is not our office).  This is rented space only and we will not be there unless we are running a course.  Please don't look for us at that address unless you are coming for training that day and please don't pester their office staff.

20.  What is "WHMIS"? 
As an authorised provider of WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System), we offer this training.  You might need this training because, if you work near hazardous materials, you must have this qualification.  Also, if you are offered work at a location where hazardous materials are present, you can accept that job without attending further, costly training.

21.  I want to apply for a temporary security guard licence.  How do I do that?
If you go to the Department of Justice and read their information on how to apply for a temporary licence you will find the answer to this question.